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Life is good, when you’re on top of your finances. We help you build wealth and Successfully maintain financial stability every step of the way.

Who We Are

Looking for Trusted Financial Advisor?

FinCare Solutions is an independent financial advisory, specialized in providing customized solutions to your unique financial challenges and goals.

Recognized for our crucial advice and successful leads, we have been the top choice for financial advisory for many investors over the last 4 years. The reason why we prove to be a trusted and reliable friend is our continued and extensive support throughout your financial journey.

At Fincare, we assure you with complete reliability, privacy of your information, and accurate and timely results on a consistent basis. Walking with you through every financial need, we are Fincare.

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Our specialization

Below are the financial services that FinCare Solutions offers to you…

Insurance cover is now a fundamental need of humans. We would help you assess the quantum of insurance protection you need to secure by taking into perspective your assets, liabilities, dependents, financial standing, job security, and other concomitant factors. We just don’t sell products, we provide solutions that cater to your needs. Read more

As an investment vehicle for investors, beginners and experienced alike, mutual funds are a popular and powerful proposition. With more than 23 lakh crores invested into Mutual Funds as on date, and more than 7,500 crores being added each month through SIP’s (Systematic Investment Plans), it’s an undisputed fact that “Mutual Funds Sahi Hai!! If you are wondering what the secret behind mutual funds is. Read more
Financial Planning (FP) is a recurrent process that empowers you to take informed and wise decisions about your money so as to optimally fulfil your objectives in life. Planning involves meticulously catering to the future exigencies by making money grow in a strategic manner so as to be readily available in rightful amount when the situation demands. Read more

You are our focus, your success is our goal

Our Mantra

We play integral roles in your lives in various capacities.


We listen to you, we understand your financial problems.


We would serve as mediators on your behalf to protect you from unscrupulous agents with fraudulent schemes.


We advise you about relevant financial scopes for amplifying wealth and securing future. We review your curreent portfolio and then suggest adequate strategies for optimum returns.


We would groom your financial impulses to reinforce them and prevent emotions from shadowing your intellect.


As a counseling coach, our emphasis would be to keep you updated about recent trends with newsletters and other fact based articles.


We will suggest you promising financial products that have the potential of cost competitively appreciating your wealth and shielding you from volatilities offered by life.

what clients say about us

With Girish's help, I started investing in MF SIPs in early 2014. The last 3 years have been phenomenal. Girish makes it very simple to understand the complex dynamics that are in play in any capital market. He has a scientific approach to market investment wherein he keeps in mind once risk appetite to design the portfolio. Once you are engaged in this process, Girish makes it a point to evaluate the portfolio every quarter that helps in correcting any investment approach basis the market upheavals. I look forward to reaching many more financial milestones in my investment journey.
Devendra Rathor
Working in an MNC, Sydney
I am very impressed with the abilities of Girish Ashok Pitlamkar who is running Fincare Solutions.. I first met him in April 2013, and have remained his admirer ever since. Girish is smart and intelligent, understands the client's needs well and above all, is trustworthy. He provides honest advice that is backed by transparent and lucid analysis. He keeps in continuous touch with his clients, provides frequent updates on stock market situation and is quick to make changes to the client's portfolio if the situation demands. Overall I am quite happy having Girish as my financial advisor and highly recommend him as a dependable advisor to whom you can entrust your finances.
Ravi Chivukula
Working For MNC, Hyderabad

Why People Choose Us

We are built on the uncompromising Foundation that financial advice should be unbiased, honest and not influenced by selling products.


We take time to understand each client’s unique challenges and goals and provide solutions tailored to them. We maintain a one to one relationship with the client and monitor the implementation and progress of the plan.

Ready to listen

We encourage you to dream big and then stick with you on your journey to making your dreams reality. We base your financial plan around your life, your goals and ambitions. We can even help you figure out what your financial goals are if you don’t already know. We really do want to listen. We want to hear your story – all of it.

Unbiased Advice

Our advice is trusted, honest and focused on what is best for the client, not influenced by product sales.

Partners for the long run

We understand that this isn’t just about now – it’s about tomorrow as well. This is a dynamic process and we will work with you over the years to come to make sure that you stay on track. We meet with you regularly and remain accessible to you so that we are ready to answer any questions you may have. We give you the confidence to stay on top of your finances.